Discover the dramatic story of a modern masterpiece, hidden for decades but now restored to its former glory.

St Martin’s is home to one of the most beautiful and unusual paintings in the region. For many years the Annunciation mural was believed to have been destroyed. It has only recently been rediscovered and restored.


It shows the Angel Gabriel telling Mary that she will give birth to Jesus, the Son of God. But this is no ordinary Annunciation. Very unusually, the scene is set in Bilborough. It was painted in 1946 by Evelyn Gibbs, one of the most important British artists of her generation.


The Annunciation is a timeless story of love and trust. Come and discover this beautiful, reborn masterpiece for yourself.


Miraculously the paintings by Evelyn Gibbs survived beneath the layers of 1970s emulsion. Her work was originally commissioned to help build morale and community spirit after the Second World War and their re-discovery will once again bring hope to the community.


St Martin’s Church has won the SPAB John Betjeman Award 2015 for our sensitive repair of the Evelyn Gibbs murals!